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I've got a challenge for you

30 days of self care practices that will make a difference in your days, weeks, and life! 4 things to incorporate into your everyday life that will change how you see the world, how you show up each day, and how you FEEL.

I will give you the tools, you just have to show up and do the work!

FEEL Better

This challenge is ALL FOR YOU! It is designed around the things that I have found to be the most beneficial to me and my self-care journey. Moving my body everyday, PD so my mind is in the right place, drinking water because my body NEEDS it, scheduling joy in my days and looking for the good and writing down gratitude daily. If you go through your day LOOKing for the good, you will find it. If we start with these few things, the rest will fall into place. 

This challenge isn’t designed around weight loss like many others I’ve seen. Weight is just a number and often times it’s a number that we chase and are never satisfied with.  If we can build our days around solid practices that help us feel good and find joy in each day then we can work toward loving ourselves right where we’re at. It is possible to love yourself now while working toward a better version of yourself. Life is beautiful and it is so precious. And life is too short to wait until_____ to be happy. Wait til you’ve lost the weight, achieved the goal, done the thing. What if you found joy in the process? What if you appreciated the struggles and learning and growth along the way? What if you celebrated EVERY. LITTLE. THING. because WHY NOT?! What if you were proud each day instead of waiting for an end result? Because most of the time when we get to that result we just want more/better/smaller etc. and don’t even celebrate and embrace what we just did. So we are done with that! No more waiting, blaming, wishing, or feeling stuck. Together we’re going to take action and work toward FEELING our best!


During this challenge we will be interacting mainly through a Facebook group. This will be convenient for your schedule so you can access it whenever works best for you. I will be going LIVE in the group the Sunday before the challenge begins AND every Sunday during the challenge. You can hop on during and ask questions or catch it on your own time.

I have 30 day tracker sheets as well as daily check-ins to help with accountability. You'll also get TWO Happy Hour Zooms to share celebrations halfway through the challenge and at the end of our 30 days. 

What you’re going to find during this time together :

-accountability with our FB group


-daily posts & check-ins

-a weekly LIVE chat in our FB group

- 2 happy hour ZOOM calls to share celebrations and cheers to our growth

-30 days of working toward a better you


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