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I am a wife, momma, and former elementary teacher who has learned first hand the importance of focusing on your own health and habits first.  I've had my own share of health challenges, work frustrations, and relationship struggles.  I took a step back and realized the only way to get my ish together is to start WITHIN.  Y'all.  It has been an i n c r e d i b l e journey.


So yes, I've walked the walk, so now I'm here to talk the talk!  This journey has lit my soul on fire.  I wake up every day full of gratitude and joy and I've got to share it with the world so you can feel it too!

It is my dream to make a positive impact in the lives of others, especially mommas and teachers.  DAANNGGG it, we are freaking important! I want to help others discover that putting yourself first is ironically the key to showing up as your best self in this world...for everyone.  I understand that as teachers, spouses, mommas, overachievers, we want to give our best to everyone! BUT we've got to start with ourselves- FIRST. 


You have the control of this beautiful life of yours and can live life by YOUR design.   Even if you're married.  Even if you have kids.  Even if you're a teacher. YES. YOU. CAN.

Through some tough love, I will challenge you to dig deep and lean into the struggles as you grow and learn to let your light shine!  Oh, and expect some dancing, loud music, and maybe a few choice words along the way...


Cheers to living your best life!!

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